Friday, January 9, 2009

Caramel Cupcakes

I have never had a harder time making cupcakes, well I guess it was the buttercream. I got this recipe from You can click here to get the recipe.

The cupcake batter. The recipe called for dark brown sugar but I didn't have any. I used light brown sugar and they still turned out great.

Caramel drizzle for buttercream. This is were I had all my problems. I am a little embarrassed to admit this because I went to pastry school, I made caramel a ton in school! The first time I made it the sugar began to crystallize. So I started over and realized I wasn't going to have enough sugar to finish the buttercream. I decided to cut the caramel recipe in half because I didn't think I needed that much. Good thing I was right! When I started to make it the second time,I poured my sugar into the pan and almost immediately turned golden brown because my pan was too hot (I used the same pan I had used before). It turned out alright, until it was time to make the buttercream. I did everything according to the recipe but the buttercream seemed to have separated or something. I am not sure why this happened. You can see in the picture below what I am talking about.

The final product. Despite my buttercream mess up, they turned out really good. The buttercream is my favorite so far. I am definitely going to make these again in the future. My cupcake tester said they taste like caramel rolls.



  1. Hey even the pros have it tough some times. I'm sure they're super yummy! I made some low fat chocolate-chocolate chip cookies tonight and they turned out alright. Did you learn any tips for low fat (or lowER fat) baking in school? I know...what's the fun in that crap!

  2. That frosting needed to be beaten more! Swiss meringue buttercream is a naughty frosting and it needs to be beaten A LOT until it comes together! Next time, set the mixer speed to high and walk away for about 3 minutes. It takes a while, but it's worth it for that smooth, silky texture!

  3. Hi. I usually makes tons of buttercreams (imagine kilos of buttercream) for our school. Buttercreams tend to "split", let it mix (paddle attachment, 2nd speed/medium speed) for a while. it will combine sooner or later.:)

  4. keep mixing your buttercream for a longer time or to speed things up beat it on high while heating the side of the bowl with a torch [contantly moving it around the bowl] it helps melt the butter n emulsify it more bc your butter was probably too cold.